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    Because the office has two blank chore chart at the entrance, the employer arranges for the applicant to take a typing test, a requirement of the application process, at a different location. The applicant fails the test. The employer does not have to provide any further reasonable accommodations for this individual because she is no longer qualified to continue with the application process. REASONABLE ACCOMMODATION RELATED TO Ldappad BENEFITS AND PRIVILEGES OF EMPLOYMENT (43) The ADA requires employers to provide reasonable accommodations so that employees with disabilities can enjoy leappad 2 leapster "benefits and privileges of employment" equal to those enjoyed by similarly-situated employees without disabilities. Benefits and privileges of employment include, but are not limited to, employer-sponsored: (1) training, (2) services (e. Does an employer have to provide reasonable accommodation to enable an employee with a disability to have equal access to information communicated in the workplace to non-disabled lewpster. Employers provide information to employees through different means, including computers, bulletin boards, mailboxes, posters, and public address systems.

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    When we do this in a text it shows that we have care and a greater understanding for what is going leapstter in the text. When we read in-between leapster leappad 2 lines we are taking time to really think, and critically analyze what we are reading and what is going on in our passage or text. Today we are going to practice reading a few ldapster and then adding a line of our own in-between when we make an inference. Go through different types of passages. Students can also write their own actions and then have other students read in between the lines in a center or group activity. Teacher can also incorporate test preparation skills by having the students use text from previous tests for review. Closing: What is a way that you can use reading between the lines to show that you are a lewppad reader and comprehended.

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    After giving this test to a learner, you can tell which Word Analysis principles leapster leappad 2 known and which need to be taught or reviewed. Published Word Analysis assessments do not always include enough multisyllabic words to evaluate how leappaad learners can chunk word parts. You may want to supplement them with your own informal teacher-made tests.


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