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    As I return to my desk this week and attempt to pick up the threads of the draft of school supply list 6th grade 2012 next novel, the stagefolk of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival will be my inspiration. They will remind me that though storytelling school supply list 6th grade 2012 sometimes be a messy, intimidating business, it is also a great wonder and privilege because of the opportunity it offers human beings to connect. None of the joy and power that has filled my last few days would have been possible without the bravery, determination and ingenuity of those performers, who each found their own ways to share their stories. What matters is finding the gumption to try. Nevertheless, yesterday Vrade came across a story that shocked me profoundly.

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    The southern hemisphere is heavily cratered with a high elevation. In contrast, the northern hemisphere has a lower elevation with fewer craters. Scientists believe a meteor the size of Pluto once hit Mars, creating the smoother northern region of the planet.


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