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    After exploring the ratio as it was used by Da Vinci in "The Last Supper graddr students should be encouraged to apply the Golden Ratio to their face, to seashells, or to virtually anything that is naturally occurring. Students are always amazed that the Golden Ratio applies to so many different things. Students can conduct research on a Renaissance artist either independently or in small groups. Afterwards, they can present their information to the rest of the class. They should be encouraged to draw or paint in the style of the artist they have researched, using the same techniques and media. Students are sure to develop an appreciation of Renaissance artists, and their styles after copying their work. Renaissance Lesson Plans: This comprehensive lesson provides a great deal of background information for educators play smarter than a 5th grader online the Renaissance.

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    On the other hand, the plya is usually a noun used as an adjective to indicate the type of noun (e. Since the wide selection of adjectives included in this website has been sorted by category, you can use this to determine in which category a particular adjective that you are planning to use belongs.


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